Closing Date: 31 August 2015
Business Unit: SHR: Human Resources 
Location: Secunda, Mpumalanga, South Africa
Reports to: Manager Front Office (Regional) 
Job Type:  
Level of Experience: Less than one year 
Position Summary
Responsible for the relationship / interface between a Business Unit(s) and Payroll & Benefits Centre according to Payroll & Benefits Service offering catalog. 

Ensuring a single point of entry from Business Units to Payroll & Benefits Centre. 

Advisory / consulting service according to policies/ governance / procedures. 

Contribute to Customer Centre environment / platform / agreed objectives to ensure successful execution. 

Business Unit BP's, HRC liaison to Payroll & Benefits Centre. 

Execution of agreed objectives / processes / activities.
Job Requirements
Minimum Qualifications required

Minimum Experience required
1-2 years experience

Key accountabilities (Maximum 6-8)
1. Strategy - Departmental Strategy Alignment 
2. Determine Business Needs & Requirements
3. Service Level Commitment (SLC) & Service Offering
4. Continuous Improvement
5. Determine and prioritise Sub department objectives / projects/ activities
6. Execution
7. System Alignment
8. Governance
9. People Management
10. Budget 
Personal Attributes
Leadership Behavioural Competencies
(Identify 4-5 key differentiating competencies)
-Business acumen
-One Sasol mindset
-Shapes the business strategy
-Customer focus
-Drives accountability & high performance
-Fosters teamwork and collaboration
-Drives accountability & high performance
-Leverages diversity and inclusion
-Builds partnerships
-Develops self
-Financial management
-Managing conflict
-Solving problems
-Planning and organizing
-Presenting, communicating and facilitating
-Writing and reporting


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